Someone dies in pretty much every Disney cartoon, but they do a good job of keeping it clean and bloodless. Most of the time the camera cuts away before the villain hits the bottom of that pitch black crevasse, and we're left to merely imagine Gaston's lifeless body impaled on a rocky spike somewhere. But once in a while, a gruesome death slips through the screening process...

5. Beauty and the Beast's enchanted wardrobe crushes a man

Of all the sentient furniture in Beauty and the Beast, none is so sassy and irreverent as the wardrobe, aptly named Wardrobe. Though she's probably the most physically intimidating of the living furniture, Wardrobe never abuses her size to indimiate Belle into marrying Beast. She remains a model of transmogriphied human decency, until humans storm the castle...

Holy shit! Let's slow that down and watch it again:

That guy had no chance. All he could do was stare up at the mass of animated wood hurtling towards him. Wardrobe doesn't even get so much as a splinter off of one of her feet, but the tile floor is decimated. If solid stone can't hold up to a two-story drop from Wardrobe, farmer Jeb McHoe never had a prayer. His ribcage was crushed and his spine instantly snapped; it's a wonder we don't see any liquefied organs spewing out of his mouth. I know what you're gonna say. "It's just a cartoon! He's fine." But look at him when the scene cuts back.

Dude hasn't moved. It's like rigor mortis has already set in. Wardrobe is staring down at his crumpled form, aghast at the reality of what she's done. Say what you want about Gaston falling off a cliff -- at least his family will be able to identify the body.

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