Picture this: you are crying alone on the forest floor. A lil rabbit comes to comfort you, then a birdy lands on your hand, some squirrels and a baby bambi appear. You are all now singing and dancing in harmony. Ok, that’s a Disney movie scene, that doesn’t happen in real life, right? Wrong! Real life Disney princes and princesses exist!

If you still don't believe us, here's some of the coolest photos of people being Disney Princesses. Maybe it's something magical and these people are carrying a secret 'princess' gene, maybe they are just carrying food. Either way, there must be something good about them if a wild animal decides to trust them.

#1 Well Hello There

via: Norwegianimgurite

#2 Disney Princess In Training

via: klandy

#3 Disney Princess Mohawk

via: AngeCa

#4 Wild Bunny Accepted Me

via: MyBoener

#5 Disney Princess Challenge Accepted

via: zaneperry

#6 Friendly Little Hummingbird

via: Noerdy

#7 Officer Disney Princess

via: dickfromaccounting

#8 Me Right When An Alien Squirrel Shows Me His Nuts

via: air-man1

#9 Found This Little Guy Hiding In My Daughters Shirt

via: Lonobot

#10 Help! Heeeeeeeelp!

via: Allbobmyshelf

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