1. Anna (Frozen) is the first Disney princess to have a duet with a villain.

2. Yen Sid, the sorcerer in Fantasia, is just "Disney" spelled backwards.

3. Jodi Benson (Ariel) and Paige O'Hara (Belle) both have cameos in Enchanted.

4. In The Lion King, "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" was originally supposed to be performed by Timon and Pumba.

5. The Beatles almost had roles in a Disney movie. They were meant to be the voices of the vultures in The Jungle Book.

6. Boo from Monsters, Inc.'s real name? Mary Gibbs.

7. The character Eve from Wall-E was designed in part by the same man who designed the iPod and iPhone.

8. Belle is the only Disney princess with hazel eyes.

9. Even though we know him as Prince Charming, we never actually find out the real name of the Prince character in Cinderella.

10. The queen in Sleeping Beauty is also never actually given a name.

11. Disney was sued by a hyena biologist for their portrayal of hyenas as villains in The Lion King.

12. If Brave's Merida straightened her curly hair, it would be four feet long.

13. Pocahontas is the only Disney princess with a tattoo.

14. Ariel is the daughter of Triton, who is the son of Poseidon. Poseidon is the brother of Zeus, who is father to Hercules. That would mean Ariel and Hercules are related.

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