1. Most Disney villains wear red, black, purple, or some combination of the three.

2. The Disney Channel has a live-action movie called Descendants called Descendants in production that focuses on the children of Maleficent, Jafar, the Evil Queen, and Cruella de Vil.

3. The Evil Queen from Snow White actually has a real name: QUEEN GRIMHILDE. It just SOUNDS terrifying.

4. Queen Grimhilde sits on a peacock throne to symbolize her extreme vanity.

5. The Queen was the first Disney character to ever speak in a feature-length animated movie.

6. Lucille LaVerne voiced both the Queen and the Evil Witch she transforms into. She achieved the change in voice by removing her false teeth, then recording her lines.

7. The Queen’s design was based off of multiple sources, but one was legendary Hollywood actress Joan Crawford.

8. The Queen was ranked #10 on AFI’s list of 50 greatest cinematic villains of all time, just ahead of Michael Corleone from The Godfather.

9. Eleanor Audley not only voiced Maleficent, but also Lady Tremaine (the evil stepmother in Cinderella) and Madame Leota in Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride.

10. Maleficent’s design was based off of the devil (her horns), bats (her collar), and medieval Czech designs illustrator Marc Davis found in his house (her flame-like robes).

11. Maleficent’s name in Sleeping Beauty the movie (she isn’t named in the fairytale) comes from the Latin word maleficenta, which means “evil-doing.”

12. Tim Burton was originally supposed to direct the live-action Maleficent movie.

13. Artisans who specialize in fetishware crafted Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent horns for the movie.

14. And Jolie’s children Pax, Zahara, and Vivienne all make cameos in the movie.

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