#1 Inside Out

The scene where little Riley refuses to eat broccoli didn’t make sense to the Japanese viewers as kids there adore their veggies. So, just for Japan, the directors replaced broccoli with green peppers.

In the American and certain other versions of the movie, a scene where the action takes place in Riley’s dad’s head showed the emotions watching hockey. In the international version, it was replaced with soccer.

Interactions of characters with their surroundings were also altered. Originally, Bing Bong spells out the word "Danger," moving his trunk from left to right with each letter. However, for languages where texts are written the other way around, he moves his trunk in the opposite direction.

#2 Monsters University

In the American version of the animated movie, Randall bakes cupcakes decorated with letters forming the phrase "Be my pal."

While riding Archie the Scare Pig, Mike accidentally bumps into Randall, and the cupcakes on his face form the word "Lame." The meaning was lost in translation, so it was decided to replace the letters with smiley faces.

The same fate befell the Scare Games logo: it remained in the US version and was replaced with a drawing in the international one.

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