1. The Sultan (Aladdin)
How bad are things in Agrabah? Well, the main character in Aladdin is a desperately poor kid commonly referred to as a "street rat", hand-chopping is the standard mode of punishment for stealing apples, and - hell - poverty is so rampant that there are children whose next meal is dependent on the generosity of a monkey.

But none of this is the fault of the villainous Jafar - no, the one at fault for the rampant poverty and backwards-ness of Agrabah is none other than the (seemingly) genial Sultan. Plump and tiny, he's supposed to be the one we want in charge of the place - but he's allowed wealth inequality to run rampant. While his citizens are starving in the streets, he and his daughter live a life so lavish that it literally requires the wish of a magical genie to replicate it.

Sorry Sultan, but you're a shitty ruler. And those kids are probabbbbly gonna get ebola.

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