8. Hopper murders his henchmen to make a point

It's become pretty common to see a villain murder their own incompetent henchmen in order to establish an air of menace. But A Bug's Life is not Breaking Bad, which is why it was so disturbing to see Hopper go balls out "Gustavo Fring with a Boxcutter" on a couple of his minions.

The offending scene occurred after Hopper has rolled into the kindly ants' homestead and declared himself their dictator. The evil grasshopper reign is more flimsy than it might seem, however, since the ants outnumber their rulers by a ratio of 100 to 1. To demonstrate this point, Hopper chucks a grain at one of his minions, who brushes it off with a chuckle. Then this happens:

Damn. Axel and Loco weren't exactly sympathetic or even memorable characters, but they were just having a laugh. Their only crime was being confident in their natural superiority over their suboordinates, but Hopper had to go and crush them with their own ignorance.

Look at him. Not even a speck of remorse on that ice cold mug.

Axel and Loco are goners. Grasshoppers don't have bones, so any trauma to their outer shell probably resulted in a fatal squish. Sensing an opportunity to make his point clear, Hopper ascends Death Mountain, where he rallies his remaining soldiers atop the remains of their comrades.

No wonder this is everyone's least favorite Pixar movie.

7. Gazeem, a fleshy snack for the Cave of Wonders

Unlike the majority of Disney villains, Jafar doesn't die at the end of the film. Instead, he's tricked into turning himself into a genie and banished to the desert plains, where he won't return for thousands of years (or until the direct-to-video sequel). Though Agrabah is a poverty-ridden hellscape ruled by an oblivious and uncaring sultan, we don't see anyone die in the entire movie.

The sole exception is Gazeem, the poor sap who Jafar cons into nabbing the magic lamp
at the beginning. Gaz's murderer: The Cave of Wonders.

The tiger god -- you know, the giant cat head made of sand that you just now realized has a stylish but baffling ear piercing -- declares that only one person in the universe may enter its bowels and abscond with the spoils therein. It's not clear exactly how this pure-hearted "diamond in the rough" will be detected, but no one in their right mind should think Gazeem is worthy of entry. This humble thief was literally JUST bragging about slitting throats to get a magical trinket. Dude couldn't even get away with being called a shiny piece of a broken beer bottle, much less a diamond in the rough.

Then again, Gazeem probably didn't predict what would happen if he was found unworthy.

When Gazeem woke up that day, "being eaten by an evil sand demon and buried alive" was probably not how he thought the night would end. Jafar laments his failure to retrieve the lamp; he's already talking about his crony in past-tense, even though at that moment Gazeem is suffocating a few feet below, waiting for his business partner to save him. He'll be waiting a while.

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