Fans seem to love giving their favorite Disney characters a makeover. Whether it's crossing them over into different genres, like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, or even gender swapping them, there's really no limit to what the collective Disney fanbase can come up with.

Finnish artist Sadyna has contributed a collection of brilliant illustrations to the ongoing makeover session with her Disney Warrior Princess Project. She even provided little stories to go along with some of her artwork! It goes without saying that Xena or Wonder Woman would definitely be proud to fight alongside any one of these re-imagined badasses.

Ariel: The Silent Warrior

The armor! That sword! *swoon* Here's a small backstory Sadyna had written up for this Warrior Princess of the Sea:

"Ariel cannot speak; her voice and true strength lies within a mystical seashell. In times of great need, Ariel uses the mystical seashell to unleash her fury and becomes..."

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