The Lion King is a film many kids of the '80s and '90s would rate in their top animated films list, for sure. The story of lion cub Simba finding his way after the death of his father is pretty heartbreaking stuff, but thankfully for fragile 5-year-old me it all worked out in the end and Simba ended up in his rightful place, on top of Pride Rock. Go on, take a trip down memory lane and watch the trailer again:

Being a Disney Renaissance film, The Lion King is destined to be remembered for many years to come, and there's no better example of this than the huge presence the film still has on the internet years after it was released. Some funny, insightful, and sometimes just plan old silly Tumblr users have taken some memorable bits from our favorite animated lion movies and put their own spin on it.

Check out the 8 times Tumblr users who totally understood The Lion King:

1. When they realised this parody was too soon AND reminded us all we're getting old

By the way, it's almost been 21 years and it's STILL too soon.

2. When it was clear what inspired Taylor Swift and Christina Perri

Damn Taylor Swift is cold!

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