In a world where the title of Disney Princess seems to only be dictated by how well the movie performed or how much merchandise that character can sell we need someone to give people a reality check, Kida is one of the most amazing characters in modern movie history, very alike Princess Neytiri from Avatar, so why isn’t she getting the same level of recognition?

If you’re gonna say the title of Disney Princess is also dictated by how old the movie is, don’t even try, Elsa and Anna meet the bill and Frozen came out in 2013.

#1 She’s actual royalty

At the very beginning of Atlantis:The lost Empire we see a giant wave closing in on the legendary citadel, and everyone freaking out , then theres the royal family comprised of Kida and her parents, when everyone is ready to evacuate, Kida’s mom gets chosen by the life-force of the city to protect it from imminent destruction by shielding and submerging it deep into the ocean inside of a hidden air pocket

Before her complete ascension it passes her gem to Kida, making her the next in line for the throne after her father, so Kida is an actual princess throughout most of the movie, and when she’s not it’s only because she’s buys becoming the Heart of Atlantis or being an amazing warrior.

#2 Shes older than any other Princess

For an 8800 old Princess she sure kept her looks and value, and you may say near immortality isn’t an argument for the Disney Princess title, but how many more awesome things does this character need to do/be in order for her to get some acknowledgement damn

#3 She Becomes an actual deity across the movie

Near the end of the movie, as the convoy finds the chamber of the Heart of Atlantis Kida is chosen by it to protect the city, ascending through the living crystal to become the collective power of her race, in this state she is neither human nor not human, shes completely invulnerable to any kind of physical attack and she starts walking to the center of Atlantis so she can activate it’s protective barriers.

The convoy captures her before that inside a metal cage, rendering her unresponsive until shes freed back out just in time.

Elsa is close to this in terms of powers but they can’t really be compared.

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