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Sure. Why not. Why not close out 2017 with a bizarre, morbid Zootopia meme based on a hyperserious fan comic. The original 25 page story by borba made waves when it was released in March of this year, but it really exploded recently. The comic resurfaced seemingly because someone on Twitter found the comic for the first time. A surge of edits and remixes soon followed.

To understand why the comic is so meme-able, we should probably back up and offer some background info. "I Will Survive" follows a version of Zootopia's Nick and Judy that are romantically involved to the point of living together. Because this is Zootopia fan art on the internet, the pair are having unprotected sex, which results in the story's big conflict: Judy's pregnant, and she doesn't want the baby.

Nick is aghast at the idea of terminating the pregnancy, but Judy lays out several points of reasoning. In addition to wanting to focus on her career, Judy is concerned about the form that the baby will take. Will it be a horrible fox/rabbit hybrid? Will the size of the baby tear her small rabbit uterus apart? These are horrifying but valid (and in the context of a Disney cartoon, darkly hilarious) questions, but Nick isn't having any of it. That's when Judy loses control.

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The argument only escalates from there, and eventually Nick walks out on Judy.

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The absurd idea of placing animated Disney animals in an abortion morality tale was too much for the internet. The steady stream of edits and memes continue even now, as Twitter and Tumblr desperately cling to anything on the internet that doesn't require them to stare into the hellbog that is 2017's everyday news cycle. Can't say we blame them.

1. Most of the edits change Judy and Nick's text bubbles so that the characters are having a serious conversation about something on the opposite of the graveness spectrum -- like air conditioning

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