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Speculating potential real life versions of Disney Princes* is a hobby of mine. Well, not so much a hobby as an excuse to look at beautiful men on the internet. Can you really blame me? I mean, this is like my equivalent of fantasy football. So come along with me as I draft my dream actors to play the men of Disney cartoons!

*I know that these are not all technically princes, but I feel like a lot of them are still important (fun) to include.

#1 Aladdin (Aladdin)

Ahh, Aladdin. Everyone's favorite riffraff, street rat, and scoundrel. Let's see who should play this pauper turned prince!

Avan Jogia

Known for his roles in Victorious and Twisted, Avan Jogia just looks so much like Aladdin I couldn't even think of casting anyone else! He's got the perfect mix of boyish charm and mystery to pull off being Aladdin.

#2 Peter Pan (Peter Pan)

Between the stage performances, Jeremy Sumpter, and the late Robin Williams, we already have our fair share of Peter Pans. But I have another idea in case they decide to revamp the live-action movies.

Cameron Monaghan

The name Cameron Monaghan is definitely coming up in the entertainment world. In 2014 alone he had two major movies come out, Vampire Academy and The Giver. Not to mention, he looks just like Peter Pan. Someone had better make this movie before he gets too old to play the boy who never grew up!

#3 Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid)

Personally, I have always been a Prince Eric girl, so there's really only one person I could image playing him...

Matt Bomer

Honestly, do I even need to say anything to justify my reasoning here? Matt Bomer can realistically play any of the Disney Princes with that face, those eyes, and that hair. He is absolutely flawless. Actually, his one flaw is that he will never be mine *sobs*.

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