Fashionable Disney fan Allison Erland aka Lady Damfino aka Snow White invites us into the secret world of "Disneybounding," and we can't get enough. First off, what is Disneybounding? "The easiest way to think of it is an outfit influenced by a Disney character. Some people have more specific 'rules' or definitions but I say to each his own. You can definitely find more from the horse's mouth and loads of outfit examples on the Disneybound Tumblr."

Allison is a pro at Disneybounding, and her vintage-inspired, handmade ensembles are equal parts glam and fun (not to mention great Halloween costume inspiration). For proof, just check out the #promprincesses2015 tag on Instagram to see her and her friends in their retro prom-themed princess costumes at Disneyland's Dapper Day earlier this month. See more of Allison's stylish Disney attire — from her Instagram account — and find out more from her about the trend now.

Image Source: Instagram user damfino

How did you get into Disneybounding?

"I was sent some really cute photos from a friend — it was probably over a year ago now — and although I visit Disneyland very frequently, I hadn't really seen anyone dressed up at the parks like that before. I remember thinking how fun it might be to do that and add in my own vintage-inspired style as well, so I started coming up with a few ideas, although I was hesitant to actually jump in and start doing it for real."

Image Source: Instagram user damfino

I heard there are rules about dressing as princesses at Disneyland. Is that true? How do you get around it?

"Rumor is Disney has recently bended the rules a little on what you can get into the parks. I know the dress code was must stricter a few years back. From what I understand as long as you're not in the park in a full costume, acting as the character and signing autographs and the like, you're usually not going to get in any trouble."

Image Source: Instagram user damfino

Who are some of your style icons?

"Since I'm a total vintage enthusiast, most of my style icons are from the '30s to '50s. My top three of all time are Esther Williams, Ginger Rogers, and Claudette Colbert; I think in my mind they perfectly epitomize both the physical fashion style and personality traits I aspire to be in a woman. However, I am inspired by a handful of modern fashion icons, especially Gwen Stefani and Dita Von Teese — a vintage, classic look with a modern edge. I've also got a soft spot for Katy Perry and her wonderful whimsicality and constant use of novelty-influenced ensembles."

Image Source: Instagram user damfino

Who is your favorite Disney princess and why?

"My favorite is Snow White. The movie actually scared me a bit as a child, but as someone who was teased about their fair, pale skin as a child, I really grew to love her in my middle school through teen years. Granted, since her movie is so old she's not quite as well faceted in the personality department as many of the more modern Disney princesses; I think she's very charming and simple."

Image Source: Instagram user damfino

What has been your favorite outfit to date?

"In a way they are all kind of my babies, so it's hard to choose. I really enjoyed doing a version of Snow White's rags dress recently, just because she is my favorite princess and that's an outfit I had never really seen Disneybounded before. However, my genie (from Aladdin) bound that I put together in one night in memory of Robin Williams's passing seems to be my most popular."

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