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Christina of Paint The Photography has shared a story about her 13-year-old son Antony and 5-year-old daughter Anabel (aka Belle) that is pretty much guaranteed to make you cry.

Christina told Bored Panda that the inspiration for the photo shoot came when her son spied a Prince Charming costume during a recent shopping excursion. He wanted to get the costume to surprise Belle as a gift for her birthday. That’s adorable, but it’s the backstory that really gets me:

There’s something to be said about brotherly love, and the strength of a sibling bond. My 13 year old son Anthony struggles with depression. It has been a battle for him for some time now, and it isn’t always easy for him to be light and joyful… Enter Belle. Anabel, more lovingly referred to as Belle (yes, like the princess) is Anthony’s 5 year old sister. She is a carefree, effervescent, bouncing ball of sunshine. She has a fairy like quality about her, and makes friends wherever she goes. However, her best friend is Anthony. They have an unshakable sibling bond that stems from the light that she bring to him when he finds himself in dark places.

Anthony and Belle are the closest among all 7 of my children. He watches movies with her, he takes her skateboarding, and at night he tucks her into bed. They have a little ritual to ward off her bad dreams at bedtime, where he pretends to sprinkle “magic salt” on her head to protect her from nightmares.

Now, try and look through those tears to check out the rest of the photos:

via: Paint The Sky Photography

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