You know what's fun? Video games. You know what's awesome? Pixar movies.
You already knew that though. But what happens when they cross over? No, I'm not talking about video games based off Pixar movies. That's boring.

I mean what happens when Pixar characters get reimagined as the heroes you take control of in games like the mega-intense stealth action thriller Metal Gear Solid or the post-apocalyptic survivalist ultra epic The Last of Us?

You get a big bag of AWESOME, that's what.

Digital artist Dwayne de Kock has put together a collection of super rad illustrations depicting some of your favorite Pixar characters remixed with mainstream video game titles. Check them out!

Street Fighter x The Incredibles

You know what's interesting about this Incredibles and Street Fighter crossover? Capcom (the developer of Street Fighter) has released some pretty iconic franchise mashup games, most notably their Marvel vs. Capcom series. Marvel is owned by Disney...nudge, nudge, wink, wink. How amazing would a Disney vs. Capcom fighting game be?! Disney/Marvel need to make that happen ASAP.

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