When you think of Walt Disney World, you probably think of a few things: Cinderella's Castle, maybe a few of the Magic Kingdom's iconic sights, perhaps a few things from its other parks, like Disney-MGM Studios' Tower of Terror ride, or the Epcot globe. You probably don't think of a decrepit, decaying, abandoned ghost park, though, do you?

But that's exactly what happened to River Country, the first-ever water park of WDW. From June 20th, 1976 to September 1st, 2001, River Country offered guests a rustic sort of escape (or as rustic as one could get in a man-made park in the middle of Orlando). Think an old-fashioned swimming hole feel meets with a bit of a Huckleberry Finn twist. It was charming, country, and homey. This was its layout:

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