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#10 In Hercules, the rug that Hercules throws over himself is Scar from The Lion King.

#11 In Lilo & Stitch, David's necklace looks just like Maui's fishhook from Moana.

#12 In Cars 3, when we see the cars training in the training center, one of them gets homesick. We can see the city where he comes from: Santa Cecilia - The same city from the movie Coco.

#13 In Zootopia, two little elephants are dressed as Elsa and Anna in Tundra Town.

#14 In Moana, when Maui is transforming and screws up, he turns into Sven from Frozen.

#15 In Monsters, Inc., Randall says that humans skin monsters and turn them into toilet seat covers. In the short Partysaurus Rex, Sulley's fur is seen on the toilet seat.

#16 In Moana, Flounder from The Little Mermaid appears during Maui's song "You're Welcome."

#17 In The Great Mouse Detective, Dumbo makes a cameo as a bubble-blowing toy.

#18 In Zootopia, the Genie's lamp can be seen at the Naturalist Club.

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