Growing up, Disney always taught us to be strong and true to ourselves. Today, artists who are fans of the animated classics have taken it upon themselves to readjust some of the couples to better align with where their hearts lie.

After being inspired by a series of edited Disney GIFs created by Michelle (Tumblr user Simonbaz), artist Samantha Urrata created four drawings envisioning Disney women as seriously adorable same-sex couples.

In an interview with Refinery29, Urrata also spoke about her aim in creating these images and the social change they could prompt. She hopes that it will highlight the lack of representation of same-sex couples in mainstream media.

This is by no means a solution; media needs to be more inclusive, because there is only so much that fan-made representation can do, but by creating and sharing their work, fan artists and fan fiction writers are touching a lot of people and doing a lot of good.

Ariel and Nani

Artist: Samantha Urrata

Both Nani and Ariel spend a lot of time in the water. It makes sense that this shared interest would spark a wet and wild relationship.

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