As he was never addressed by name in the movie, there's alway been a lot of argument over the real name of Snow White's prince. Some people call him Prince Florian, others call him Prince Ferdinand, but have we ever considered that his real name is the Prince of Death?

Sorry to get a bit dramatic with you there, but this fan theory that's been circulating the Internet for at least a couple of years now. Redditor Minimuffins (fantastic name, by the way) brought up an interesting theory that suggests perhaps Snow's Prince is there to take her to her "happily ever after," but just not in the way we expected.

Let's take a look at Snow White and her relationship with the Prince, and talk about this theory a little bit. Keep in mind, this is in no way a completely solid theory or at all what Walt Disney intended while adapting the Grimm Brothers' story, but it's still an intriguing theory.

#1 Snow White Meets the Prince

The first, and only other, time we meet the Prince, he startles Snow White as she's singing into the wishing well, and if things had been slightly different, Snow might have tumbled down the well to her death.

As we know, she doesn't but she is still noticeably scared by the Prince and runs away into the castle, refusing to come down from her tower to see him.

She does peer out at him from her balcony, but still refuses to be in any closer contact with the Prince. Probably smart as he might be Death knocking on her door.

Check out their interaction starting at 1:30.

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