Until the finale of Pixar gem Monsters Inc., Mike Wazowski was pretty used to be the sidekick. While Sully raked in the scares, his one-eyed pal was always there with the assist and some pithy words of encouragement. It was rarely a glamorous or rewarding job, but Mike never failed to be Monstropolis' best assistant.

Despite his sunny disposition, the world around Mike seems to keep reminding him of his thankless position, but in typical Pixar fashion, this leads to hilarious results. Check out how this one running gag has followed Mike Wazowski from the scare factory to reality.

A not-so-hidden joke: Mike gets routinely obscured throughout Monsters, Inc.

Sorry, Mike. You thought you were a lead in this commercial, but they're could be a more perfect spot for that logo.

Even when he starts finding success, it's impossible to keep an eye on him

Barcodes are notorious attention whores.

And Monsters University confirmed this was a lifelong issue

Well, at least no one can take a good ID photo anyway, even if their faces do make it into the frame.

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