Holly Hunter will once again voice Incredible mom Helen Parr and superhero Elastigirl.

Instead of watching the kids in the sequel, this time around Elastigirl is the one fighting crime. She'll be asked to lead a campaign to bring other super-powered humans out of hiding.

Craig T. Nelson returns to bring her husband, the super strong Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible, to life.

Bob will leave his superhero suit in the closet at the start of the film. While his wife Elastigirl is called on to help with a new superhero initiative, Parr will play Mr. Mom, in charge of their three kids. He soon learns child-rearing isn't as easy as his wife made it look.

Sarah Vowell returns to voice the Incredibles' oldest daughter Violet 14 years later.

Violet's still a 14-year-old teenager and she's working at perfecting her super abilities while trying to balance school and a potential romance.

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