It's pretty hard to dispute the fact that two of the biggest fandoms in the fantasy realm are Harry Potter and Frozen. So what happens when these two worlds collide? The fan art found on Pinterest shows what one of Frozen's protagonists, Elsa, would look like had she been a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Elsa already displays powers that people in Arendelle find strange, so it wouldn't surprise me if she actually had some other magical powers. Maybe the owl carrying her Hogwarts letter was the same as mine, which would explain why neither of us received our very much intended letters. Instead of having to hide her powers, Elsa's life could have been drastically different.

Year 1°

The year Elsa first arrives at Hogwarts and for the first time she's surrounded by equally gifted children.

Year 2°

Elsa then returns to Hogwarts for her second year after a summer in Arendelle with her family. Even though it was warm out, she was sure to create enough flurries to build a snowman with Anna.

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