Over at Refinery 29, Yehyon Chung has created some pretty haunting and beautiful portraits depicting some of your favorite Orange Is the New Black stars as Disney princesses.

"My main goal was to seamlessly combine the two characters while not having one overshadow the other," Chung said about the illustrations. "I tried to maintain the sharp and edgy tone from Orange Is the New Black, while accentuating the Disney characteristics with vibrant colors."

These are much more subtle reimaginings than what you may be used to, but for the artist, it was about finding pieces of each character's back story that mirrored a Disney character.

Here's Piper as Alice in Wonderland, who "accidentally wanders into a world that she has had no experience with."

Yehyon Chung/Refinery 29

If Piper is Alice then Alex is obviously the White Rabbit.

Yehyon Chung/Refinery 29

Red's backstory matches up to Tiana's pretty well. "Worked in a restaurant with big dreams? Check. Had to befriend people, mainly beautiful women who don't understand her? Check."

Yehyon Chung/Refinery 29

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