#1 Hilary Duff as Elizabeth "Lizzie" McGuire

Then: Lizzie was the loveable, clumsy teen who the entire show was based on. She destroyed Paolo the fraud with her Italian superstar doppelgänger and singlehandedly started the current Bitmoji trend. Icon.

Now: After the show Hilary made some dope music, got married (and divorced), had a really cute baby, and is currently on the show Younger. And yep, she's still an icon.

#2 Lalaine as Miranda Sanchez

Then: Miranda was Lizzie's best female friend and was one-third of the Lizzie-Miranda-Gordo friendship trio. Though, she obviously wasn't a good enough friend to be in The Lizzie McGuire Movie, but let's just pretend that didn't happen.

Now: After Lizzie McGuire, Lalaine dabbled in the music industry. She also continued acting, even landing a role in Easy A and in the TV show Off the Clock.

#3 Adam Lamberg as David "Gordo" Gordon

Then: The final third of the iconic Lizzie McGuire friendship trio. Gordo was very smart, liked Lizzie, and finally got his kiss with her at the end of The Lizzie McGuire Movie (spoiler alert).

Now: Adam, unlike most of his co-stars, took a step back from acting after the show. After a few independent films, he decided to focus on his schooling instead where he got a degree in geography.

#4 Jake Thomas as Matthew "Matt" McGuire

Then: Matt was a little shit who always got into trouble, but you could tell he cared for his sister. Plus he really loved that porcupine-style hair.

Now: Jake has had a busy acting career since the days of playing Matt. He's had a bunch of spots on popular crime shows NCIS and CSI and had a major role in the series Storytellers. According to his Instagram, he also dabbles in photography.

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