1. Frozen

Australian title: Scorcher

Elsa and Anna are two orphaned sisters - except Elsa harbours the secret of having strong, weather-altering powers. After an argument gone wrong, Elsa accidentally exposes her powers and flees their home, inadvertently releasing a summer drought on the entire country. Anna sets out in search of her sister to try and end the endless summer heat.

2. Beauty and the Beast

Australian title: Beauty and the Tassie Devil

A young mining heir has a curse placed on him by an enchantress, who transforms him into a huge Tasmanian devil. The only way for him to transform back into a human is to fall in love with someone and have them return the feelings.

Years later, an older man Mozza escapes from a pack of stray rottweilers and tries to seek refuge in the mansion owned by the young heir turned Tassie devil. Upon becoming trapped in there, his daughter Belle comes to rescue him and offers to take her father’s place. Can Belle turn the Tassie devil back into the man he once was?

3. Aladdin

Australian title: Old Mate Aladdin

Aladdin is a young boy from a poor farming community, who lives day by day with his pet wombat Abu. On his travels, he finds himself in a prestigious Canberra neighbourhood and is quite taken with the Prime Minister’s daughter Jazzy, and her pet crocodile. Stumbling across a magic akubra hat, Aladdin is granted three wishes, but will the PM ever accept him?

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