Instead of going on your regular run-of-the-mill hay ride, Jasmine would step up her fall game and go on a totally Instagram-worthy magic hay ride.

Obviously, she’d be head-to-toe in plaid. Oh, Aladdin would be there too – but mostly just so she had someone to take cute pics with.

Snow White would would hit up the apple orchard and casually collect about 400 apples to bake some seasonal treats with.

She’d make an apple crisp with the apples once, and then the other 385 apples will slowly rot until her roommates (the dwarves) yelled at her to throw them out.

Ariel would spend countless hours in numerous shoe stores looking for the perfect fall boot.

She’d really fall in love with a pair of equestrian riding boots, but Flounder and Sebastian would have to gently remind her that 1. She doesn’t have feet to put the boots on. 2. She definitely won’t be riding a horse anytime soon.

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