In a world where Kingdom Hearts exists, is it really impossible? I don’t know if we’ll ever see the kind of Pokémon x Disney crossover these fan artists have dreamed up, but it’s good to know there’s a strong foundation for one! Given their rich history of friendship with the animal kingdom, we’re thinking Disney princesses would make natural Pokémon trainers — just have to watch out for the Team Rocket types of the Disney universe. Who knows what havoc Gaston could wreak with a Machamp?

#1 Ariel

via: Virginia Fleischer

Vaporeon is a natural fit for Ariel, but we’re really liking the clear mutual respect going on between Samurott and King Triton.

#2 Cinderella and Sylveon

via: Zhivago

A fairy-type Pokémon for a fairy-type princess.

#3 Aurora

via: Virginia Fleischer

Adorable, although given the situation, I have to wonder whether or not Bellossom is a Maleficent plant.

#4 Jane and Tarzan

via: Haruki Godo

Infernape and Tarzan in a jungle-based buddy cop movie? Someone make it happen.

#5 Ursula

via: Virginia Fleischer

Ursula might seem evil, but if she’s Team Helix, she can’t be all bad.

#6 Alice

via: ItsBirdyArt

Yeah, Alice is nice, but that’s a hookah-smoking Caterpie. I was pretty sure Caterpie wasn’t legendary, but it looks like I was wrong.

#7 Elsa and Glaceon

via: Zhivago

As we’ll continue to see, Disney princesses and Eeveelutions go together very well.

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