#1 Michael "Mike" Wazowski

via Zero Chan user: Overdoor

The proud and confident monster that is Mike Wazowski has been totally transformed into an adorable human! The color scheme is perfect and I love that his bangs hide one of his eyes, keeping his cyclops origins, plus maybe now that he's not so round he won't be so easy to block like in the Monsters, Inc. commercial.

#2 James "Jimmy" P. "Sulley" Sullivan

via Zero Chan user: Overdoor

Sulley is one of my favorite Disney Pixar characters and his human version is just as adorable - he even still has that essential 'lovable goofball' look about him. I could totally picture human Sulley hanging out with human Mike as well...

#3 Celia Mae

via Zero Chan user: Overdoor

Celia is a total sweetheart in Monsters, Inc. but as we know she can have quite a temper when she's angered which is why it's perfect that her angry face has been included at the bottom. Just like Mike, her bangs hide one of her eyes meaning she still looks sightly cyclops-like, though unfortunately her hair-snakes were lost in the transformation to human.

#4 Fungus

via Zero Chan user: Overdoor

Randall's former scare assistant sure looks just as wimpy as he does in Monsters, Inc. though we know that underneath it all Fungus has a heart of gold.

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