Finding Nemo first swam onto cinema screens across the globe a staggering 13 years ago! Ridiculous, right? Way to go and make myself feel old. But despite the length of time it's been around and the endless replays we subject ourselves to, the movie still hasn't lost any of its grace, splendor and shuddering heartache.

If someone were to the ask you what the plot of Finding Nemo was, you'd say "it's about an overprotective clown fish called Marlin whose son, Nemo, goes missing after an argument. So Marlin... erm... goes looking for him, duh! Have you never seen it?!" Or something along those lines.

If you haven't seen the movie for a while, wrap your eyes around the trailer:

But what if I were to tell you that I've come across a very legitimate sounding fan theory that posits the idea that Nemo doesn't actually exist at all? How the movie is all about Marlin coming to terms with the immense tragedy he suffered at the beginning of the movie, and working his way through the five stages of grief.

When thought about, this makes Finding Nemo a thousand times sadder. Like, this blew my mind.

Okay, let's begin:

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