Dreams and desires are something that comes from within, and how do they get inside? Well, that's a whole lot of inspiring thing. It could happen to anyone, anytime. Being a child, I always admired Mickey Mouse, and sometimes would even get upset about why I cannot be there on the television to solve the puzzles with him.

In the same way, girls always imagine of becoming a Disney princess. Take Lindsay Lohan, for instance, she wants to make hers an actuality, and overcome her long-stalled acting profession.

Disney continues to turn its animated masterpieces into live-action films, and Lindsay Lohan fantasies to be the one. Wondering which Disney princess she wants to be? Let's check that out!

Lindsay, in a side-by-side pic of her and the mermaid princess.

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She uploaded this photograph on her Instagram and wrote in the caption "I will sing again, as #ariel #thelittlemermaid," in February.

Lindsay Lohan has spent the last decade going as far away from her Disney darling.

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But it now seems that she's trying to turn that around: She wants in on Disney's live-action.

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And guess what? This role certainly promises to give a little push to her halted career.

Lohan is shooting for the title role in Disney's remake of The Little Mermaid.

Although, there remain some major issues.

Disney has not mentioned about the movie, nor Lohan's post.

So, it can be assumed that it's never going to happen? Well, who's a better person to confirm than her fans? Share your views in the comment box below.

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