Model and Make-up artist Hamel Patel decided recently to do what countless girls have done over the years, play dress-up and recreate Disney Princesses.

Hamel is from North Carolina, but she pays homage to her family heritage by reinterpreting classic characters such as Snow White and Cinderella in a classic Indian style. Famous for its colours, flowing dresses and ornate jewelry, Indian fashion perfectly complements the fantasy and imagination of the Disney princess.

“Growing up I always wished there was a Disney Princess I could relate to, one that represented where I came from,” she wrote on Instagram. “Introducing outfits/makeup looks inspired by the eight original Disney Princesses we all grew up watching, with a little desi twist!”

Instagram model Hamel Patel decided to shoot a series of Disney princess themed photos, with an Indian twist

via: hamelpatel_

#1 Jasmine

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#2 Snow White

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