It's not every day that you come across something as awesome as Rafael Mayani's Disney Animated Features blog. This dedicated artist, originally from Mexico City, has undertaken the mammoth task of watching every feature film from from Disney Animation in chronological order. On the outset that doesn't sound too hard, but then on top of that he took it upon himself to make an amazing illustration based on each film he watched.

Mayani, now based in Barcelona, was inspired to watch the 52 movies (he didn't watch the direct-to-video ones like Mulan 2, Pocahontas 2, etc.) and illustrate each one after attending a Pixar Masterclass and being totally inspired.

Take a look through a selection of Mayani's beautiful artworks and enjoy some of the facts that he included alongside them.

To look at all his illustrations take a look on his specially made Disney animated features challenge blog over HERE!

1. Peter Pan and Tink

Look at that loving look in Peter's eyes! Aw!

2. Mulan

Yeah! One of the most kick-ass Disney characters of all time, I love this action pose of Mulan.

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