Pixar have great films that I think everyone should watch. Their films are suitable for all ages and always have messages for all the family. As John Lassert says:

"Animation is the one type of movie that really does play for the entire audience. Our challenge is to make stories that connect for kids and adults."

Pixar films always have great and deep messages hidden within them. The 80's was also a period with interesting, amazing and entertaining films that everyone could watch. But what happens if you mix Pixar and 80's movies? Artist Luke Flowers created a curious set of posters, where he puts Pixar characters in classic films from the 80's. The humour and the touch of child books make this work a treasure.

1. Mike and Sulley's Excellent Adventure

The poster is inspired by the adventures of two ridiculous guys that want to change history. For this mashup poster, the artist chose his 4 favourite monsters to place within the telephone booth. He said that it was a hard task, but he finally decided to include Randall and The Yeti. The costumes are of the original movie poster are also in the other version, and the monsters are wearing them.

2. Linguini's Big Adventure

Luke tried to recreate an iconic moment in Ratatouille with one of his favourite films, Pee Wee's Big adventure. The poster shows an important scene from Ratatouille: When Linguini is riding his bike on his way to the river to get rid of Remy, and in that moment he discovers it is no ordinary rat.

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