Italian artist Angela Vianello, has taken some of Disney‘s most beloved characters, such as Belle, the Beast, Snow White, Ariel, Eric and Rapunzel and has given them a make-over manga-style. She has transformed these characters into what is in my opinion, even more gorgeous versions of themselves. It is a fresh take on something that everyone knows and loves.

I love that she has taken what is one of the most well known western styles of drawing and animation and has translated it into the style of what is its counter half, the insanely popular Japanese manga.

And if the idea wasn’t enough, the fact that Vianello pulls each transformation off flawlessly makes me swoon. Her style, her clean lines, the colouring, the detail and the facial features are all perfection. Her artwork is inspiring and it leaves me curious as to what a full anime feature for some of these characters in a remake of their classic films would be like?

#1 Belle and Beast

This kind of artwork breaks the norm, this is INCREDIBLY well done, it captures the essence of every Disney creation it depicts perfectly, one stunning illustration at a time.

#2 Alice

Her artwork reminds me more and more of the one in The Count of Monte Carlo(the anime obviously), the way layers and textures overlap truly bring out the best there is in Alice and Caterpillar.

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