Illustrator Kath was inspired by the idea of taking classic stories but giving them a new ending, complete with updated design. While these illustrations don't actually explain what those endings are, they're beautiful and tease us just enough so that we might wonder how the princesses' adventures ended.

For fun, I'm going to take a stab at what I think each princess might do in another life, based on the artwork. Obviously, this is just for fun.

1. Snow White

Snow White, after getting bored with the Prince, becomes prone to going for walks in the forest near the castle by herself. One day, she finds a bottle in the forest that simply says, "Drink me." Of course, not one to turn down free food or drink, she does...and gets sucked into Wonderland, where she eventually becomes the Queen of Hearts.

2. Cinderella

Cinderella and Prince Charming live happily, but are never able to conceive children. Prince Charming tries to make the love of his life happy by making wooden dolls of children for her, but try as he might, he's never able to bring them to life. When the Prince dies in a tragic hunting accident, Cinderella picks up where he left off, studying magic in an attempt to do some good and bring the dolls to life. Her first successful try comes when she decides to help a lonely old woodcarver's doll become "a real boy".

3. Little Red Riding Hood

Even though the Hunter saved her from being eaten and killed by the Big Bad Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood develops an intense fear of dogs for the rest of her life, avoiding them whenever possible. One day, as she's at the market, she accidentally gets bitten by a Dalmatian that was trying to get at the leg of lamb wrapped up in her basket. From that day on, she devotes her life to ridding the world of all Dalmatians, vowing to turn them all into a Dalmatian-skin cloak to replace the red one she lost all those years ago.

4. Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is grateful to Prince Phillip for rescuing her, but as time goes by, she grows restless, aware of how much she's missed out on while sleeping her life away. She decides to leave her life, and, packing a bag, says goodbye to Prince Phillip. She spends the next decade traveling the world, learns 7 different languages, how to ride a horse, and builds the first rocketship. In her galactic travels, she crash-lands on a planet called Asgard, where she falls in love with the noble warrior culture, stays, and becomes one of their most celebrated and legendary heroes.

5. Princess Jasmine

Aladdin and Jasmine are inseparable, and it amuses Aladdin to teach Jasmine tricks from his days as a street urchin, such as how to blend in, the art of lying, sleight of hand, pickpocketing, and other useful skills needed when being a petty criminal. Eventually, Jasmine becomes better at it than even Aladdin. With palace life stifling the both of them, they decide to start their own spy network in Agrabah, and Jasmine officially becomes the first femme fatale secret agent - and first female spy, period - in all of Persia.

6. Pochahontas

Pocahontas, after waving goodbye to John Smith and watching him sail away (at least in the Disney version), dedicates her life to helping protect both her tribe and the nature that she loves so dearly. Because of her wisdom and courage, she becomes the most revered elder of the tribe, and many generations come to her for her advice and comfort. Because of her dedication to helping her fellow man and nature alike, the tribal gods bestow upon Pocahontas the gift of life. When she dies peacefully of old age, she is allowed to live on eternally as the wise and benevolent Spirit of the Forest.

You can check out more of Kath's brilliant work at Seventy Two Studio.

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