Let's face it, there are a TONNN of Disney characters out there. With so many iconic faces and characters over the years, you're bound to meet someone out in the real world who reminds you of Jasmine or Cinderella right? I mean, maybe you won't meet someone like The Genie, but you will probably stumble across some people in life (HIGH SCHOOL) who are the spitting image of some famous Disney character. Check out some probable characters you might run into.

Illustrations by Amy Kim for CollegeHumor.

1. The Lumiere

via: collegehumor.com

The one who's always telling you to be their guest.

2. The Tiana

via: collegehumor.com

The one that's transformed after kissing a slimy creature.

3. The Hercules

via: collegehumor.com

The one who strives to reach godlike heights in the name of their parents.

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