They might be instantly recognizable to us today thanks to being some of the stars of the biggest movies of all time, but your favorite Disney characters all once looked very different!

Thanks to Disney blog Oh My Disney we have a whole set of amazing comparisons to show you just how much many of Disney's most famous characters changed from their initial concept art to how they ended up on film, take a look:

#1 Jasmine & Rajah

The lovely pair of Rajah and Jasmine looked quite different in the original concept art. Most noticeable to me is Jasmine's clothing and headpiece, as well as Rajah's facial coloring - especially his white muzzle. Despite their differences it's still obvious that they were meant to be best buds from day one.

#2 Abu

Eek, I'm not going to lie, the concept art for Abu kind of freaks me out! I think it has something to do with his eyes and huge pupils which sometimes makes cartoon characters look adorable, but in this case is kind of eerie, especially with his long fingers and toes - I think they did well with the finished product!

#3 Aladdin

It looks like Aladdin didn't change too much from concept art to finished product. His bold and expressive eyebrows remained, his hair got a trim, and his face was lengthened a bit, but aside from that (and the color of his waistcoat) it looked like he stayed pretty similar from sketch to animation.

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