Following weeks of speculation over who would star alongside Emma Watson as Belle in Disney's upcoming live-action adaptation of the animated classic Beauty and the Beast, another addition to the cast has been finally announced.

The 35 year-old Welsh actor Luke Evans will be returning to another villainous role as the idiotic muscle-man Gaston in the new movie, directed by Bill Condon.

Previously, the actor has been known for his appearances in blockbusters such as Robin Hood, The Three Musketeers, The Hobbit and Dracula Untold. You'll also recognize him in Fast & Furious, in which he played the villain Owen Shaw. Take a look at him as the bad guy in the trailer from the movie below:

In the original tale of Beauty & The Beast, Gaston was the narcissist who tries to win over Belle's affections. When he loses out to the Beast, he leads a crowd of townspeople to hunt down the creature.

And all things considered, I think Disney could not have picked a better Gaston. Alongside his extensive musical training, making him the perfect candidate for belting out the macho man's tunes, the actor also boasts a myriad of other commendable qualities. Let's take a look at why he is perfect for the role:

1. He is no stranger to playing the bad guy

After all, he did play Dracula and Owen Shaw.

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