Disney draws their movie plots from classic fairy tales, but they often take artistic license. And by "take artistic license," I mean they leave out important details, like if the main character dies or if the world is a miserable, unfair place. Enjoy these comparisons between Disney movies and the real stories they are based on.

#1 Tangled

Rapunzel lives in a tower with controlling Mother Gothel. The charming fugitive, Flynn Rider, helps her escape and explore the kingdom. While Rapunzel falls in love with Flynn, despite learning his real name is Eugene, she also learns she is actually a princess. They get rid of Mother Gothel and the two live happily ever after.

One day, a prince climbs into Rapunzel's tower and falls in love with her. When Dame Gothel finds out, she lures the prince to the tower by cutting off Rapunzel's hair and dangling it out the window (this is Rapunzel and the prince's not-so-subtle signal. Like the Bat-Signal. But, like, even less subtle.) When the prince is confronted by Dame Gothel and not Rapunzel, he jumps from the tower and lands on the thorns below and is immediately blinded. And that's why you don't break your fall with your eyes.

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