In the series "The Seven Disney Sins," artist Chris Hill has positively desecrated our beloved Disney princesses. We like it.

Despite the negative connotation — what, with associating Disney characters with sins and all — Hill wants you to know that the point of the piece is not to paint the princesses in a negative light: "I am NO WAY saying the characters are evil. In fact I am saying the complete opposite! I made this piece to COMBAT those who say the Princesses and whatnot are not suitable role models." But do the images achieve that end? Click through to check 'em out and hear the artist's explanation for each one.

#1 Ariel - Greed

"My girl Ariel was selected to showcase Greed due to the fact that she was never completely satisfied with what she had under the sea. A crown, a loving family, friends... and copious amounts of human-world treasures were not enough to suffice. But all of these things she really had to try hard to achieve, except for maybe outsmarting Glut the shark, but she made that look effortless . When it came time for Ariel to try to achieve what she wanted most, to be human, she takes the wrong approach, and ends up getting pulled into Ursula's own greedy scheme to rule the oceans. In the end, after Ursula had been destroyed as well as Ariel's chances at humanity (or so she thought) she finally earns her legs by proving her love for her prince to her father."

#2 Snow White - Gluttony

"Snow White was selected to represent Gluttony because first and foremost, she takes a bite of an apple and that bite is her demise. I see gluttony as eating so much that harm occurs, and that is precisely Snow White's story. She is also herself a symbol of triumph over Gluttony, for she was saved by her prince. Each of the characters in this series will both represent the sin and triumph over said sin."

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