27. Sitron and Kjekk (Frozen)

Sitron (left) was Prince Han’s horse, and Kjekk (right) belonged to Princess Anna. Neither one had a large role in Frozen and they rank low on the list because as far as loyal horses go, neither score too well. Sitron let his owner fall into water in order to wave goodbye with his hoof. Kjekk on the other hand, gets spooked by a tree branch and straight-up abandons Anna in the wilderness.

26. Abu as a Horse (Aladdin)

Abu was a quality companion as a monkey and even as an elephant. However, he makes for a pretty shaky looking horse. Granted, he’s only in horse form for a split second. He definitely looks like he needs a trip to the salon though, because that hair is a mess!

25. Shang’s Horse (Mulan)

Shang’s horse doesn’t have a name and isn’t really all that important during the film. He probably wouldn’t be worth noting if not for the hidden Mickeys in his spots. Overall though, Shang’s horse isn’t very reliable. He gets scared at the burning village then disappears during the avalanche. Not necessarily qualities you’d look for in a steed.

24. Philippe (Beauty and the Beast)

This may be a controversial statement, but I feel like Philippe was a pretty shitty excuse for a horse. Look at how useless he is with the wolves, literally hiding behind Belle! And honestly, the whole disaster could have been avoided if Philippe hadn’t abandoned Maurice in the woods after being spooked.

23. The Zebras (The Lion King)

The zebras definitely aren’t main characters in The Lion King, but I’m including them in the list because of the loyalty they show to Simba. You’re probably also wondering whether or not zebras are horses? Well, technically they are a different species but are members of the same family (Equidae) and genus (Equus). I’m using the term “horse” rather loosely in this list, so yeah, the zebras make the cut.

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