Are you an avid Disney fan? Do you have an interest in cosplay? Well then, reader, you are in luck, because I've been perusing the web in search of fifty of the coolest and craziest Disney cosplay crossovers!

With steampunk combinations, hipster princesses and even a cheeky Dragonball Z mash up thrown in for good measure, these cosplayers are super talented and have managed to leave me with a few ideas up my sleeve.

So join me now on our journey into the colorful and crazy world of crossover cosplay...

1. Hipster Princesses by Namine-YaoiLover

2. Jokeverine by Lonstermash

3. Lich Queen Elsa by Chubear (Photo by Darshelle Stevens)

4. Snow White x Evil Dead by Jennifer Wenger

5. Cammy Fett & Chun-Leia by Malicious Cosplay (Photo by Eurobeat Kasumi)

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