If you grew up as a Disney kid, then chances are you have a princess who you idolize.

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Well, if you're planning on getting engaged anytime soon (or you just want some fancy-ass jewelry), you can now get a Disney-inspired ring.

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The Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry collection from Zales features a whole line of princess-themed pieces, like this Belle-inspired engagement ring.

via: zales.com

It has a rose-shaped rose gold setting (because of, ya know, the Beast's rose), contains 1.25 carats of total diamond weight with a 0.75-carat center stone, and costs $5,499.

Maybe Mulan is your favorite princess, and you'd like this white gold ring with a setting inspired by Chinese architecture?

via: zales.com

This one is a total of one carat and costs $2,699.

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