As someone who had their childhood bedroom transformed into what my parents affectionately refer to as "the Disney Room," I'm well-versed in how special fine Disney-inspired art remains to people of all ages. Artist Heather Theurer also sees wonderful scenes in classic movie moments, and they truly need to be seen to be believed.

These aren't just any old doodles, either. Heather's paintings are highly-prized works of art that can be found in Disney Fine Art galleries, and collectors everywhere consider these to be among the cream of the crop. Check out this series of realistic Disney princesses, and I guarantee you'll be considering redecorating.

1. Mulan

Artist: Heather Theurer

Title: "The Dark Side of the Moon"

It looks like Zhang Ziyi, a Chinese actress known for movies with strong women like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, was the real-life inspiration for Mulan. Heather retained Mulan's irrepressible strength even among gorgeous cherry blossoms and flowing silks.

2. Cinderella

Artist: Heather Theurer

Title: "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes"

Cinderella found the beauty in everyday chores, and Heather certainly found the beauty in her character. The amount of detail in her paintings is just outstanding, and it's striking just how much this looks like it belongs in a museum.

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