With The Incredibles 2 just around the corner, I've been revisiting my favorite Disney/Pixar movie with a new sense of respect and admiration. As any good Pixar fan knows, every one of their movies layers on meaning like frosting on a cake, and sometimes it takes a few years to get the best possible bite.

That's how I'm feeling after reading this truly astounding fan theory that grew more elaborate as it traveled from 4Chan to Tumblr and then to Reddit. Not only does it uncover a truly gut-wrenching detail that is easily overlooked in the movie, it also adds an entirely new side to Edna Mode—as well as her real relationship with capes.

If you want proof that The Incredibles is quite possibly the darkest Pixar movie, read on for the most elaborate murder plot in animation history.

The theory begins with one heartbreaking Incredibles fact

It turns out that Stratogale, the superhero who we see get sucked into a plane's jet turbine, was only a teenager when her cape caused her death.

The "no capes" scene may be hilarious on first viewing, but it becomes extremely dark when you dissect it

She almost certainly caused this plane to crash, causing the deaths of many innocent people onboard (and potentially some back on land). Considering the movie's timeline of events, it's reasonable to assume that Stratogale's death was turned into another politicized reason to force heroes out of public society.

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