Cosplay has become something of an art form in the world today, with people young and old becoming some of their favorite characters from movies and TV. Zhang Yongsheng proved that it doesn't matter how old you are, you can still have fun and dress up, enjoying the Disney magic. At 81 years old, he surprised his wife with a Disney inspired wedding shoot.

If the shoe fits...

Here they are, dressed perfectly as Cinderella and her prince based on the poster for the 2015 version. It is beautiful to see the love in his eyes, and that smile on his face.

Better steer clear of the apples

They also dressed as Snow White and her own prince, and while they do appear to have some baby apples nearby it seems as though they opted for the chicken sandwich instead.

So this is love

Zhang mentioned that his wife always wanted a fairy tale photo shoot, and he wanted to make her dreams come true.

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