Remember this guy?

That’s Captain Jack Sparrow, mate.

There’s a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie in the works, but it’s already been years since the last installment.

Most fans will agree that the last couple movies in the franchise have gone off the rails a bit plot-wise, leaving little room for character development.

But a Tumblr user posted this deleted scene along with a bit of fan theory, painting Jack Sparrow in a whole new light.

The scene, which is from Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End, explains that Jack was employed by the East India Trading Company when the villainous Cutler Beckett told him to transport 100 slaves on board his ship, the Wicked Wench. Jack refused, so Cutler burned his ship and branded him a pirate.

In order to get his ship back, Jack struck a deal with Davy Jones. Thus, the Black Pearl was born.

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