Some of the most beautifully crafted Disney princess dresses to ever be released into the wild were lovingly stitched together by Allen Gale's deft hands, and the textile designer adores his creations enough to model them too.

Gale was inspired by his grandmother's 60-year-long career as a seamstress, and he started weaving together Disney magic in his teenage years. Since then, Gale has completed a degree in costume design and sold hundreds of his lavish creations in his Etsy shop.

Although Gale has not spoken out about why he loves to model his own creations, he told RAW Natural Born Artists about what inspires him to make fantastical clothes for others. Gale explained:

"There is a lot of joy to be derived from seeing people happy and helping people physically be in the vision of what they want to be or what they want to dress like."

Amen to that, and check out Gale's truly awesome fan creations in the images below:

Ariel's 'Kiss the Girl' Dress

The iconic dress that Ariel wears in the 'Kiss the Girl' scene as she drifts with Prince Eric is a rowing boat has been dragged into the real world.

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