1. Sticky Webb

via: Buzzfeed's Pedro Fequiere

Sticky dropped out of high school after creating a technology company that rivaled Apple. After selling his company for $100 million, he retired at the age of 18 and now owns a record company that signed his cousin Fifteen Cent and L.P.D.Z. He fell in love with Dijonay when she stopped coming on so strong, and now they live together at Wizard Kelly’s mansion.

2. Zoey Howzer

via: Buzzfeed's Pedro Fequiere

After getting discovered at a talent show by Timbaland, Zoey was snatched by Missy Elliott to dance on her tour. She changed her image and kept it all under wraps by telling everyone she just stayed with her aunt for a year. When she returned, she went on to graduate from high school and college with a music and dance degree. She currently helps run an animal shelter.

3. LaCienega Boulevardez

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After talking trash about Zoey because of how well her dancing was received, Penny decided that she was done dealing with LaCienega and disbanded the group L.P.D.Z. She and Dijonay made amends and now run a successful gossip blog after she interned for 105.1’s morning show, The Breakfast Club.

4. CeCe and BeBe Proud

via: Buzzfeed's Pedro Fequiere

CeCe and BeBe are both currently in their freshmen year of high school. They spend most of their time in class pranking teachers and still find time to prank-call Penny.

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