In 2005 the world was introduced to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and spent a bit of time at Hogwarts, but that wasn't the only awesome educational institution for young students with some pretty incredible talents. We're talking about Disney's airborne school for teen superheroes, Sky High!

Since it's been a decade of the film's release, I thought it was time we take a look back at these skilled youngsters and see what these former students have been up to since graduating from Sky High.

1. Will Stronghold - Michael Angarano

Age now: 27

Notable works since: Will & Grace, 24, The Forbidden Kingdom, The Art of Getting By, Red State, The English Teacher, Wild Card, The Stanford Prison Experiment

2. Layla - Danielle Panabaker

Age now: 27

Notable works since: Yours, Mine & Ours, Mr. Brooks, Friday the 13th, Shark, The Crazies, Arrow, The Flash

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